The meaning of Gringa; A female native speaker of English, unrelated to race. Gringa is often defined as disparaging slang for a foreign female in Latin America.

The concept; The concept of Gringas came about in early 2014 when sisters Natalie and Christina, both based in London with a Colombian mother, noticed there wasn't enough South American fashion in the market place, so they decided to fill the gap! With the mix of their love of travel and fashion the pair decided to embark on bringing the bright colours and fabrics of South American fashion to the UK and just like that Gringas was born.

The mission; Gringa’s mission is to support the creativity, ingenuity and passion of local artists in Colombia. Preserving the Wayuu culture and traditional customs is essential to the Gringas brand.

The Wayuu Tribe; The Wayuu (pronounced “Wah-You”) people are an indigenous Latin American group inhabiting the visually striking desert of La Guajira Peninsula which borders Colombia and Venezuela. The Wayuu live in small settlements called “rancherias” which consist of five or six houses. Within these rancherias, the Wayuu people are able to preserve a way of life that has been passed down through the generations and remains unscathed by modern culture. Organised in matrilineal clans, the Wayuu children carry their mother’s last name, making the Wayuu women not only the center of the family but cultural leaders as well. One of the most significant aspects of culture that the Wayuu women practice is the art of weaving and crocheting Wayuu Mochila bags.Each Wayuu mother teaches her daughter how to weave and crochet, keeping the tradition as alive and vibrant as ever.

Beware of imitations; Many high street retailers try to imitate/ ‘rip off’ the wayuu mochila, but know that when you buy a Mochila Bag from GRINGAS, you will not only enrich your wardrobe but also the lives of the Wayuu artisans – each bag is an original Wayuu product, and we’re lucky enough to have had these beautiful Mochilas especially made for us by the Wayuu tribe themselves.

We hope you love our range of Mochilas as much as we do and can help us support Colombian artisans, while still looking on trend.

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