Pattycakes' Vaporub Tips

If you're latin, or have any latin friends the chances are you’ve been offered vapour rub to solve an ailment you have. Feeling sad, rub vaporub over yourself, sore toe, lather it in your mum’s vapour rub. The things vaporub can cure is never ending - it isn’t just for a nasty cough or cold. 

Our mother is Colombian, we are used to her quirks, do we always entertain them? Nope. Do we all own a tub of vaporub? Yes. We would like to share with you Pattycake’s top vaporub tips, try them out, we guarantee you too will be hooked very soon...

  • Headaches: you’ve probably used tiger balm to ease your tension, why not give vaporub a go. Rub a small bit on your forehead and temples and feel the pain fade away. Magic. 


  • Spots: lord help my childhood friends, the amount of times they were told to just rub a bit of vaporub on a cotton bud and to apply to the troublesome spot before you go to bed. We have to hand it to the latinos - it works.


  • Burns: that pesky oven given you another burn? chill out, and apply a thin layer of vaporub to the affected area - say goodbye to scarring


  • Feet: feeling like your dry feet need a bit of a makeover? Cover them in vaporub and put on a pair of socks before bed, the next morning they’ll be smooth as hell 


  • Mosquitos: keep the pests away by bathing yourself in vaporub, forget to do it and get bitten? Vaporub has your back, it also stops the itching :) 


  • Aches and Pains: feeling tired from a hard day at work or a big work out...give yourself a deep tissue massage with your new best friend, vaporub; it helps circulation so your muscles will be restored in no time. 


  • Cough Cough: finally we have the most obvious use of vaporub, you read that correct. Vaporub can help cough coughs, aka very strong coughs.

There you have Pattycake’s favourite vaporub uses, you can thank us later. 


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