Taking Care of Your Mochila

As our mochilas are handwoven we prefer to not just throw them in the washing machine. We've had some of our favourite mochilas for almost ten years now - keeping them vibrant by washing them by hand on a regular basis. To help you maintain your mochila we have compiled a list of helpful tips:

  • Always wash your mochila by hand. You can use washing detergent if you need to wash the whole bag or washing up liquid if you prefer just to wash patches.
  • When washing your whole bag leave it to soak for at least an hour, then use a gentle scrubbing brush (or old tooth brush) to get rid of any marks.
  • Similarly if washing patches, use a soft brush and washing up liquid/ detergent on the section you are cleaning. Remember to be gentle, you don't want to fray your mochila.
  • Let your mochila dry naturally, we usually wash ours in the summer and leave it to dry outside in the sun light - but not a scorching hot day as we don't like to bleach the colours.
  • If we are feeling extra we use a comb to brush through the tassels.

It really is that simple to keep your mochila as fresh as the day you first got it - happy washing!

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