How long does it take to make a mochila?

Each mochila is handwoven by female artisans - it can take from four to six weeks to make each bag. No two bags are the same, and they are unique to the artisan who made them.

Who makes the mochilas?

Mochilas are made by female members of the Wayuu tribe. It is a traditional method that has been passed down for generations. In the Wayuu tribes it is the females who are the head of the family.

How do you source the mochilas?

At Gringas we strive to work as closely with the tribes as we can, we deal with local tribes and wait for all our collections to be ready prior to shipping to ensure we leave minimal impact on the environment. 

What makes you ethical?

We ensure the tribes that we use tribes are paid fairly, we work alongside their timescales and are flexible to their needs. We also make it clear that our beautiful products are the creation of our talented crafts women. </span></li>

Gringas meaning...
The word GRINGAS is Spanish for a female native speaker of English, a foreigner in Latin America. We chose this name ironically, our heritage is Colombian, but we are always referred to as foreigners when we visit.

What does Mochila mean?

Mochila means a bag or sack. They are often seen in the Caribbean coast of Colombia - it takes exceptional skill and intricate crochet work to make each bag

Why does it take so long to deliver a pre-ordered mochila?

We like to be as sustainable as possible, as each item is handmade and made to order. We prefer to wait until a whole collection is completed before getting stock shipped to us here in the UK, to lower our emissions where we can.